Role-Playing in The Fantasy Trip Universe
Shamat 2.0
Sep 26 2021
Thanks to requests for new features, I've overhauled the code and released Shamat 2.0 (Codename: Ultravox). Here are the major changes:
  • New "Thin" components, such as Thin Walls and Thin Doors, allow you to make maps where hexes on both sides are clearly able to be occupied by players.
  • File handling buttons (Load Map, Save Map, and Save Image) are now moved out of the tool palette and into the menu bar at the top of the application.
  • There is a new Event map feature that can be used to mark locations on the map where important scenario events occur. It is also suitable as a trap symbol, or other such marker.
  • I've begun updating the backend code to make some symbology drawing simpler and cleaner. The new components use this code, and I plan to apply it existing components as well where suitable.
Thanks again to everyone who has sent in requests and feedback, and keep them coming!
Gaming Tools
Browser-based tool for creating hex maps of dungeons and landscapes. Available in both online and downloadable formats.
Original fonts portraying invented languages that are free to download and use.
Visual tool for creating solitaire adventures and choose-your-path stories. Available in both online and downloadable formats.
Random demon generator designed for use with The Fantasy Trip. Results are adaptable to other gaming systems. Online only.
Official Releases
An illustrated guidebook of spirits, undead, animates, and other entities for your fantasy campaign. Includes the adventure setting "The Haunting of Holner House", plus gaming guidelines for the powers of the unliving.
The hexa-signficant sixth issue of the Hexagram zine series lands in the SJG store! It includes among its many offerings our article on the uses of the Ultrahex playmat.
The fifth issue rises to new levels with the excellent Skarg's Tavern article and playmat by Steve Jackson! Also in the issue is our article Pick Your Poison, an extensive guide to toxins for TFT.
The fourth issue is out with more old school gaming goodness. Among the contents is our article Not By Iron Alone, about material use in arms and armor. Besides more primitive materials, it also includes new original materials for rare and unusual equipment.
The third issue is jam-packed with amazing content. Features the results of the Postcard Adventure Contest, with a number of entries reproduced, including our entry The Bestial Faire. Also includes our article Legendary Artifacts, a collection of unique magic items that can serve as quest items and adventure centerpieces. Hope you enjoy!
The second issue keeps classic RPG action rolling. Loads of ideas and adventures, including our contribution, The Little Merlad, which features a new magic item and an adventure hook to introduce it to the players.
The first issue of a new zine that captures the original feel and fandom of The Fantasy Trip. Full of material from SJ Games veterans and loyal fans. Includes our own contribution, The Paired Parchments, a new magic item and adventure hook.
This evolved from a TFT Abecedary that I wrote on a lark. Steve Jackson Games liked it enough to turn it into a free printable coloring book, with artwork by Liz Danforth. Silly fun!
TFT Materials
Prince of the Power of the Air
A Free Adventure
A flying castle, the Olympetan, has appeared from over the sea. From it descends an army of Harpinax, winged bird-human exiles from a parallel world. Can the players infiltrate the fortress and end the reign of the self-proclaimed Prince of the Power of the Air?
Radiation and The Fantasy Trip
This is a set of rules for incorporating radiation into TFT. It covers multiple types and sources of radiation, including magical radiation. There are also items relating to radiation, effects of radiation sickness, and various treatment strategies. Both the full guide and the quick guide are free to download and use.
Unlife Apocrypha
A collection of materials excluded from the final version of The Book of Unlife, provided here for your enjoyment. These rules cover mediums, séances, clerical rites, and more. You are welcome to use them as house rules in your TFT campaign if you so wish.
Dungeon Of The Month
Free "one-page dungeons" that were released each month during 2019. The adventure is printed on one side of the page and the map on the other.
A guidebook of rare and exotic beings, including variant intelligent races, titan slimes, and bizarre creatues both natural and otherworldly. Includes the adventure setting "The Sumalakai Archipelago".