Shamat 1.7
Feb 20 2021
Another update of Shamat is available both online and in download. This version adds a suite of new tools to support loading a backdrop image in your map file. This is to facilitate manually tracing existing drawings or maps in order to convert them to Shamat format. The update includes an onionskinning feature that makes the map translucent so that you can see the backdrop beneath it. You can control the degree of translucency, as well as the size and positioning of the backdrop image.

As before, please use copies of your existing map files when editing in a new version of Shamat, in case an undiscovered bug causes the maps to become unusable.
Shamat 1.6
Jan 20 2021
A new version of Shamat is available both online and in download. This version adds the requested ability to allow for pairs of annotations in each hex. No longer are you limited to a single character in each hex, but now can have a pair of any characters. Each character can have it's own color, too. This should greatly expand the options for those of us who like to mark key adventure locations and items on the map. This version should open existing maps without issue, but use a backup of your maps to test the changes before saving them, just to be on the safe side.
Hexagram #6, Ultrahex Playmat, and Adventures 2 Kickstarter is Live
Nov 17 2020
The Ultrahex Playmat is now funding, alongside Hexagram #6 (which contains an article on using the playmat). Also available in this campaing is The Fantasy Trip Adventures 2, which contains our adventure The Paradise Vault. The campaign also includes Old School Monsters, a book by Steve Jackson himself. Loads of great stuff for the TFT fan to pick from!

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Ultrahex Map coming from Steve Jackson Games
Oct 25 2020
Originally designed in 1998, our ultrahex map for laying out random encounters has gone through the Steve Jackson Games design process and is coming out as an official playmat! The Kickstarter for this will be starting soon, and there will be an accompanying article in Hexagram #6 on how to use the map. We are in the process of revising the programmed adventure that the map was first created for as well, and perhaps this will be a future product. Hope you enjoy the map!

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