The Book of Uncommon Beings

The Book of Uncommon Beings is a fully illustrated guide to all new creatures for The Fantasy Trip, including titan slimes; strange new animals, plants, and fungi; bizarre beings from otherworldly realms; and new additions to the more unusual intelligent races. Attributes, thorough descriptions, and player character guidelines all help you bring these uncommon beings into your campaign world.

Also includes The Sumalakai Archipelago, a complete adventure setting spanning a chain of islands, with unique challenges on each and an occult threat that looms over them all.

This book is in the final writing phase, with plans to get it to reviewers in the near future. Below is a sample of some of the beings featured in the guide. You can also view a PDF of the Table of Contents.

Noble, egotistical, and always fashionable, the Drakhume are dragon-blood relatives of the Reptile Men race.

These vicious stone-life desert dwellers may yet be coaxed into revealing secrets long lost to others.

As cunning as their Octopus kin, the Mesmerien have a natural talent for hypnosis and a culture that prizes deceit.

Giant pangolins with the uncanny ability to create mirror duplicate images of themselves.

Corpse Butter
This giant slime dwells in rocky crevices, from which it snares prey and draws them in to a crushing demise.

Formed from the "fifth element" aether, these elementals are as rare and mysterious as the substance from which they spring.
The Book of Uncommon Beings is written and designed by Howard A. Kistler. Illustrations are by Michela Da Sacco.