The Book of Unlife

The Book of Unlife is a fully illustrated guidebook for The Fantasy Trip RPG, with over 40 different entities from the realms of spirits, undead, and otherworldly beings. Detailed attributes and descriptions accompany each entry, plus guidelines for using (and resisting) the unearthly powers of the unliving.

Also includes The Haunting of Holner House, a complete adventure setting in a haunted manor at the center of a benighted farmhold.

This book is being published by Steve Jackson Games and was successfully funded on Kickstarter.

The blood-drinking nosferatu are always ready to swell their ranks with another unliving convert.

With unbroken will and unceasing vengeance, a mummy will curse those who dare to offend it.

Called by some the Bogeyman, a ghast will prey on a mortal's fears until both mind and life are extinguished.
The Book of Unlife is written by Howard A. Kistler. Illustrations are by Rick Hershey.