The Book of Unlife

The Book of Unlife is a fully illustrated guide to over 40 different entities from the realms of spirits, undead, and ethereal beings. Detailed attributes and descriptions accompany each entry, plus guidelines for using (and resisting) the unearthly powers of the unliving.

Also includes The Haunting of Holner House, a complete adventure setting in a haunted manor at the center of a benighted farmhold.

This book is currently undergoing review. Below are samples of some of the beings covered by the guide. You can also view a PDF of the Table of Contents.

In harsh and desolate lands, when adversity leads to starvation, and starvation leads to terrible acts, a Wendigo is born.

Rising from the underworld on a nightmare steed, head in hand the Dullahan scours the land to torment the unwise and unwary.

Beguiling and friendly, a Phantasm uses deception until it is close enough to reveal its horrifying true self and strike.

Unlike a ghost, a Haunt knows it is dead. And it is very unhappy about that.

Dedicated to guiding souls to the afterlife, a Psychopomp permits no one to interfere with that duty.

When someone dies a bad death, their soulless remains may rise as a Returner for one final mission of vengeance.
The Book of Unlife is written and designed by Howard A. Kistler. Illustrations are by Francesca Da Sacco.