Dungeon Of The Month
Dungeon Of The Month
A project to release one dungeon a month for all of 2019. These are "one-page dungeons" designed for use with The Fantasy Trip. They have the text and character stats on one side of the page, and the dungeon map and any counters on the other side. Also available is a "clean map" of each dungeon, which is an image without the annotations. All adventures are free to download and play.
Hive of the Mellipheon
Local children have been taken into a hive of these large and deadly insects. The townsfolk plead with you to rescue them before the mellipheon queen puts them to her own uses.
Lord Duchemin's Shadows
A series of supernatural attacks unfold in the great hall of an old castle. But is the angry spirit of Lord Duchemin truly to blame?
Hooch Pooch
Traveling through the backwoods of Appagant, you encounter a bedraggled dog. He seems to need your help and tries to get you to follow him. If you follow you will set off on a battle to free his captive master, the mistress of the magic brewing cauldron.
Last Call in Pandwick
On a rainy moonlit night, a cart of travelers arrives at a remote public house. Close behind are the players, on the trail of a murder. Huddled among the travelers is one who is not what they seem. They are a werewolf.
An underground pit fighting arena where the well-heeled and the criminal underworld meet to wager on brutal combat. Every battle is to the death, and the audience is not above putting a boot in to help their favourite fighter.
The Devil Will Drag You Under
The half-human, half-merfolk d'Indigo pirate clan are holed up in a series of underwater grottoes. Can you get in and bring them back alive? Or will their watery home claim you?
The Discomfited Dragon
Sorcandilax the dragon has a problem. Vermin are getting into his treasure hoard, and he could really use some adventurer-sized help to wipe them out. Which is more dangerous - agreeing to help, or refusing to?
The Stabian Baths
A luxurious Roman-style bath-house is the setting for a gathering of the criminal underworld. A local group of vigilantes have hired the players to infiltrate the Stabian Baths and mete out harsh justice to the villains.
A lone tower transfixed by a vertical shaft, once part of a great castle, now the solitary structure known as the Deathspine. The sanctuary of the cruel sorcerer Scarnsz, no adventurers have yet survived the full height of the tower to confront him.
Garden of the Orobanc
A desolate road and a lonely building lead to a state of siege. The players are trapped inside with the remnants of three other groups of travellers, while outside strange creatures await.
Après Nous, Le Déluge
You awake to discover that a levee has broken and the town has flooded in the night. Many townsfolk are stranded on tiny islands of high ground. Worse, some who have perished are rising again from the churning waters...
Queen of the White Harvest
An ice elemental traps the mage that summoned it inside its own body. Using the mage's powers, the elemental grants special abilities to a mountain family of Neanderthals, and together they oppress the village below. Can you end the reign of this False Queen and her White Harvests?